Corporate Social Responsibility

As there are 17 United Nations sustainable goals for social and environmental factors that can bring both risks and opportunities to our business, Pompous Group believes that minimizing negative impacts on the planet within our business activities as well as bringing positive ones to the environment, the people and the communities where we operate play a vital role in our long-term success.

Social Responsibilities

Having a presence at every stage of the cashew value chain helps us ensure sustainability, responsibility and traceability throughout the value chain. Together with collaboration and innovation, sustainable and responsible business practices can bring a powerful change in markets and societies – proving that profits and responsibilities can go hand in hand.


As part of our social responsibility commitment, Pompous Group has responsibilities for supporting our people’s rights in improving their living standards, especially those are from the underdeveloped countries and unprivileged communities where we operate, whether they are the farmers, women or children living in the society.

Employees' Rights

Pompous Group promotes human rights in the relationship with our employees as we commit to ensuring the highest standards of business and ethical behaviours. We have consistently respected the workforce’s diversity, guaranteed workplace safety and provided healthcare systems to our employees to ensure their well-being. Furthermore, our workforce is fully offered fair pay, well-deserved awards and motivating work environment for their personal development, which would help lead to their bigger contribution to the company’s long-term success.

Healthy Ecosystems

Pompous Group as a global organisation has great respect for the global environment. As our company’s mission is to be a part of the world’s transition to a sustainable future by transforming the natural lives of the globe, we are committed to considering UN sustainable goals in our business practices to grow sustainably and globally at the same rate as well as making efforts in creating a sustainable and responsible cashew nut value chain. Therefore, it helps us to produce and distribute our products worldwide in a way that respects our planet and sustains the world’s future.

Carbon footprint reduction

Nowadays, climate change is one of the most critical issues facing the world, which is caused by greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and manufacturing processes. Indeed, climate change and extreme weather have negative impacts on our farmers’ cultivation and harvest activities, leading to a shortage of raw materials supply and affecting the sustainability of the whole cashew nuts supply chain worldwide. Therefore, setting a long-term goal to limit global warming would help our company sustain our success in the future. Pompous Group made a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of our operational activities through increasing energy efficiency and improving low-carbon technologies in processing, distribution and packaging. As part of our sustainable commitment, we are on the path of trying to source the energy for the stages of processing, distribution and transportation from renewable or low-carbon sources. Also, we aim to make our transportation and distribution network as efficient as possible by driving less and driving “greener”. In conclusion, we plan on investing in innovation, energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions.

Water security

Water is a fundamental and indispensable part of our operations and cashew nuts supply chain, also the environment and community in which we operate. Thus, water management plays a vital role in our operation activities not only in saving water costs but also in demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and responsibilities. Since the stages of farming, processing and manufacturing at our PSL’s facilities require considerable water use, we are seeking new technologies to improve water management and water efficiency as well as reduce water waste through a zero-loss water recovery system. At the end of the processing line, the water will go through a cleaning process to reduce the water waste and not damage the environment. Hence, by taking action to improve water management, Pompous Group clearly shows its commitment to environmental sustainability, which helps build good relationships with the farmers and their communities.

Land management

For the farmers, healthy soils are central to their livelihoods as poor land management and farming practices can significantly impact the environment and the future of farmers, cooperatives and their communities. Thus, we believe that human and healthy ecosystems should not only co-exist but also thrive. Pompous Group puts efforts into supporting and providing training to the farmers on better soil practices, advising them on restoring degraded soil and tackling issues such as soil erosion, etc. Furthermore, we work closely with the farmers to assess the impact of fertiliser use, prevent from using chemicals during cultivation and try to improve the soil quality through organic farming practices. Our group is on the path of transforming our process to conform to organic processing and production standards. We are also putting efforts into reusing all the parts of the cashews in the processing and manufacturing stages, so nothing is going to be wasted on the environment. Thus, it would help our company reduce negative impacts from the landfills, protect the environment and aim for a sustainable future for the farmers and the communities.