Soft Commodities

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With rich experience in the international commodities trading industry and a global presence, Pompous Group aims to expand our spectrum of commodity products. In that way, we are committed to having a full vertical integration throughout the supply chain and offering a broader range of premium quality products to our global clients.

Cashew apple

Cashew Nut

For many years of establishment, processing and exporting cashew nut has been the strength of Vietnam. The export volume of cashew nut in Vietnam is said to reach 4-5 billion USD per year in value while the the size of the whole world market is 7 billion USD per year. 

Knowing that, our company chooses cashew as the main soft commodity. Not only sourcing from Vietnam, we have dozens of farms, factories and inventories in Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Tanzania and Cambodia. Therefore, the rich and diverse source is what makes us outstanding. 

With more than 10 years of experience, standing strong over many ups and downs of the industry, we guarantee to meet all the orders of customers worldwide.

Coffee Beans

Coffee is an indexed commodity at the heart of a 30 billion dollar market. It’s estimated that each year the world produces and trades 30 billion dollars worth of this commodity.

The coffee market is mainly dominated by two species, the Robusta Bean and the Arabica Bean, both of which are indexed and traded throughout the year in the world’s top terminal markets.

While Brazil dominates the Arabica Bean Market, Vietnam has emerged as the world premier producer of the “green bean”, the Robusta Bean. Through our strong ties to Vietnamese market, our experts are able to source for the cream of the Robusta crop, and assure that our clients are served with the finest of this cash crop.


Cacao Beans

This is an indexed commodity consumed widely on the European and U.S scale by the behemoths of the chocolate industry.

Over 70% of the world’s cocoa production is grown within 20 degrees of the equator making the three West African Nations of Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria combine for almost 60% of the world’s production.

We are currently able to serve our clients with first grade cocoa beans from Nigeria and the Ivory Coast under FCC and CMAA terms.

Other Commodities

Apart from the mentioned commodities, we are also able to source for commodities in the African and Asian markets depending on our global clients’ demand.

Whether it is spices or agricultural products, our international presence across the globe allows us to source and export these products worldwide when requested by our highly valued clients. We are committed to offering a wide range of premium quality products that meet our clients’ strict requirements.

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