Our Purpose

At Pompous Group, we are all about staying true to our motto – “Cultivating Trust – Exporting Value”.

About Us

Our Purpose

Pompous Group is committed to generating value and taking responsibility to act across the whole supply chain, strongly contributing to protecting our planet as well as providing positive impacts on our people and society to improve their living standards and help sustain the world’s future.

As Pompous Group continues to focus on the opportunities for growth, making new investments and creating strategic partnerships in all areas of the business, we will be able to offer a broader spectrum of products and services to help the world thrive. We also strive to upskill our workforce and nourish a passion for producing and delivering the best quality products along with true values that truly live up to our customers’ expectations. Thus, our people at Pompous Group are all about staying true to our motto – “Cultivating Trust – Exporting Value”.

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About Us

Our Vision

Throughout years of operation, our company has rapidly expanded its presence across the globe and facilitated enormous growth in our capabilities and our workforce through strategic cooperation with our partners.


We aim to become a pioneer group in international commodities trading and investment industry to distribute the premium quality products along with true values worldwide in the near future.

About Us

Our Mission

With our wholehearted philosophy, Pompous Group is committed to continuously improving our business practices in both social and corporate aspects and exporting true values to our customers worldwide to provide the best quality products and a better life for everyone. 


Hence, we are able to become a trusted partner for them, an engine that helps drive their growth as well as a part of the world’s transition to a sustainable future for the environment, our people and their communities.

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