At Pompous Group, our ambition is to create the most sustainable and responsible cashew nut value chain and become part of the world’s transition to a sustainable future.

Throughout our development history, Pompous Group has worked hard every day to try our best in sustainable practices to nourish true values and have positive impacts on our planet and the communities where we operate. We have set priorities to be responsible for our planet and its people since at the heart of our business, we know that sustainability means more than just ensuring the long-term success of our company. Above all, it applies not only to our cashew nuts but also to the behaviours and the way we treat nature and our people.

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Indeed, Pompous Group’s sustainability and responsibility efforts start with the fact that we have a global presence at every stage of the cashew nut value chain. That helps us to ensure responsibility, sustainability and traceability throughout the value chain and brings positive impacts on our products as well as the environment and the societies.

As Pompous Group along with its PSL’s facilities located in Africa and Asia have a full vertical integration throughout its supply chain, the company aims to achieve 100% traceability in its supply chain for all of the products in the near future.

In fact, most of the cashew nuts processed by the company already can be traced 100% to the source, which enhances the company’s commitment to fair trade practices. Since our goal is to be fully implicated in every stage of the supply chain, Pompous Group can ensure the clear origin of our products as well as their best quality with a closed-loop quality control system from cultivation to processing, from raw materials to finished products. Hence, we commit to delivering true value and trust to our customers and investors.

Furthermore, as part of our social responsibility, Pompous Group along with PSL’s facilities all over the world have a responsibility in playing an important role in supporting the farmers’ rights to earning a better living income, women’s empowerment and eliminating child labour thereby offering these children access to quality education that will help them to build sustainable livelihoods.

In conclusion, Pompous Group’s mission is to be a part of the world’s transition to a sustainable future by transforming the natural lives of the globe through responsible agriculture and manufacturing. Thus, we will be able to reduce negative impacts on the global environment within our business activities to help the planet “greener” and sustain the world’s future.

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We commit to ensuring the products delivered to our customers are always of perfect quality and risk-free by

Corporate Social Responsibility


Our goal is to be fully implicated in all the stages of the supply chain to add value to the trade, which ends up bringing a positive impact and enriching the lives of the people from where we operate

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