Food Safety & Quality

As Pompous Group believes that our long-term success is closely linked to the trust and value delivered to our customers, it is essential for our company to set food safety and quality assurance of our cashew nuts as the top priority of our business. Thus, our group and its facilities across the globe are committed to ensuring the traceability of the products and a fully vertical integration throughout the cashew nuts supply chain.


With the global presence of our facilities in Africa (Tanzania, Nigeria, Ivory Coast) and Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam), most of the cashew nuts processed and delivered by Pompous Group can be traced to the source. From cultivation to processing and delivery, Pompous Group is fully involved in every stage of the supply chain as we work closely with the farmers, suppliers and workers; thus, we can ensure a clear origin of all our products. The traceability of our cashew nuts can be assured as the customers can easily check the products’ origin on our system, which helps build trust with our clients. The company aims to achieve 100% traceability in our supply chain for all products by 2027. Being able to achieve 100% traceability will also enhance PSL Vietnam’s ability to sell our fair trade private label product which is the only product on the market that curently distinguishes the source of its product, separate each product by its origin (Cambodian origin, Tanzanian origin…).

A fully vertical integration throughout the supply chain

Cultivation & Sourcing of the best quality ingredients

As we work closely with the farmers in every stage of the supply chain, Pompous Group's long-term success depends on the local farmers’ networks, from which supply the sufficient quantity of high-quality cashew nuts that meet the needs and requirements of our processing and manufacturing clients worldwide.

For that reason, by providing training programs and helping the farmers access technology, we advise them on how to improve the yields, quality and quantity of cashew nuts as well as reduce post-harvest losses. In that way, the farmers can produce and supply a larger quantity and better quality of cashew nuts, such as delivering products without contamination or adulteration; thus, it would help them improve their income and living standards.

Also, our PSL’s representatives work with the farmers and cooperatives to buy cashew nuts directly from them at the highest price and provide valuable services to the farmers, such as assistance in obtaining internationally recognized certifications. Therefore, our company aims to earn their loyalty as their preferred buyer and can offer differentiated products and solutions to the most discerning clients. Hence, it allows us to support the farmers to access the markets, ensure the quality of the raw materials and deliver true value to our clients from the cultivation and sourcing stages of the cashew nut value chain.


All of our operating and production system are recognized as satisfying all conditions of ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP. It means our facilities are built according to the precise prerequisites to guarantee that the materials, equipment and processing stages are designed for manufacturing products conformed to food safety standards.

Furthermore, we carefully manage the flow of the materials and cashew nuts delivered in and out of the facilities to ensure that they are of the best quality and safety. Our company closely follows certified cleaning and sanitation practices at every step of the processing line, and our workforce is given training sessions to adhere to the principles of food hygiene and safety.

Finally, before a batch of cashew nuts leaves our facilities, a quality test has to be done to confirm that the products meet the requirements of food safety and quality.

Packaging and distribution

Packaging plays a vital role in ensuring our cashew nuts are delivered to the customers in a safe condition with clear information about the products. Furthermore, packaging helps to ensure the traceability of our cashew nuts so that our customers know exactly the origin of our products.

Whenever our cashew nuts are distributed from the warehouses, Pompous Group always makes sure that they reach their customers in optimum quality as they are stored and transported in the best conditions such as temperature, humidity, etc.

Moreover, we have provided and optimized transportation and logistics security solutions as our clients can easily track shipments with our powerful universal tracking system.

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