Commodity Financial Service

As a global macro fund operating in 3 continents, Pompous Group has expanded its business scope in trading and investment and constantly looking out for potential market movers across the globe, analyzing the practices and trend to make sure that we have an appropriate understanding of the world’s market trend.

A comprehensive analysis allows us to take a macro approach and make the best decisions to diversify our portfolio and hedge our risk against the potential regional market volatility.

With years of experience in the international commodities trading and investment industry, Pompous Group’s professional commodity financial advisors use a consultative process to work with our clients to understand their circumstances and identify their priorities, values and objectives. Then we are able to glean information, evaluate the current situation as well as tailor feasibility studies and a personalized strategy to the clients based on their desires and expectations. Thus, they can have a comprehensive view of market practices in all aspects and make judicious decisions that help connect their wealth plans to meet their objectives over their lifetime.


By choosing the commodity financial service from Pompous Group, our global clients can explore the benefits for their future needs and expectations.

  • Access to global commodity markets: Pompous Group offers our international clients access to all the commodities futures exchanges worldwide. Our company provides timely and effective commodities trade execution services so that our clients can get the best prices available on the full range of options.
  • Research, analysis and expert assistance: Commodities financial trading requires highly specialized knowledge and expertise. Hence, our company offers global clients access to leading commodities financial research experts and advisors that provide insights on various commodity sectors and recommendations on hedge strategies to avoid futures risks.
  • Customized solutions: Whether our global clients are agricultural trading entrepreneurs looking for cost certainty and risk reduction, or sophisticated investors looking for an additional dimension of diversification besides traditional asset classes, our advisors can provide bespoke strategies and risk management solutions that meets the clients’ needs and satisfaction.

Advantages of our service

Pompous Group provides the most comprehensive commodity financial services and commits to bringing the true values to our clients with the competitive edges that distinguish us from our competitors.

Do The Right Thing

We act with integrity, transparency and accountability to build long-term trust with our clients.

Put Our Clients First

We keep the clients’ interest first, listen to their needs and think like them to share long-term success and value with our clients.

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