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With rich experience in the cashew sector, Pompous Sonthanhphat Ltd (PSL) aim to grow our global footprint and become a major player in the international cashew market to offer premium quality cashew products with true value worldwide.

With the presence of the operation, supply chain and representative offices across the globe, our purpose is to be fully implicated in every stage of the cashew journey to deliver the best quality products and bring true value not only to the trade but also to our farmers and the communities where we operate. It ends up creating lasting benefits for all stakeholders, building trust, encouraging our investors and helping the world thrive.

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About Us

Cultivating Trust
- Exporting Value

In 2017, a joint venture between Pompous Group and two Vietnamese companies was successfully created to form Pompous Sonthanhphat Limited (PSL) to leverage the advantages in facilities, financial capital, expertise and business know-how from both sides to establish a global presence and aim to become the biggest exporter of the cashew sector in Africa and Asia.

Throughout years of development, Pompous Sonthanhphat Ltd. (PSL) – a trading division under Pompous Group, has become a global player in the cashew market on the wholesale side and cashew artisans on the retails offering unique cashew specialty products.

With a full vertical integration throughout the supply chain “from farm to plate”, our company is the only one in Vietnam to distinguish its cashew products in the global market by origin with 100% traceability to the source.

With the focus on investing and having a deep understanding of African countries, we are devoted to bringing great opportunities and values for the continent to thrive. By sourcing directly with the farmers, supporting women’s empowerment, refusing child labour and reducing the carbon footprint at every stage of the process, our company is committed to helping enhance the living standards and create a sustainable future for the communities in which we operate.

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