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“With years of positive high growth under our belt, we can say with confidence that we’ve not lost the secret sauce and that we are on track to achieving our target of becoming number one within the next ten years and will continue to carry and live up to the name “Pompous” with great pride.” – Message from Board of Directors

Established in 2010, Pompous Group – a member of Pompous Family, has proudly become one of the major players in the international trading and investment industry. 

From humble beginnings, our company has rapidly expanded its presence across the globe and facilitated enormous growth in our capabilities and our workforce through strategic cooperation with our partners. In 2017, a Joint Venture between Pompous Group and two Vietnamese companies was successfully created to form Pompous Sonthanhphat Limited (PSL) to leverage the advantages in facilities, financial capital, expertise and business know-how from both sides to establish a global presence and aim to become the biggest exporter of the cashew sector in Africa and Vietnam.

Our ambition is to grow our global footprint and become the pioneer group in the commodities trading and investment industry in the near future.

With our management office located in Vietnam, operational offices and facilities situated in West Africa (Nigeria, Ivory Coast), East Africa (Tanzania), Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam) along with representative offices in many other continents, Pompous Group has actively engaged in every stage of the cashew nut supply chain starting “from farm to plate”, from cultivation to processing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution. In that way, we are able to deliver the finest quality and fully traceable products which have been produced in sustainable and responsible practices. 

Pompous Group not only offers the best quality products but also brings true values to the customers, the community and the environment in which we operate by reducing negative impacts and bringing positive ones to the planet. 

Furthermore, our company is committed to ensuring and enhancing integrity, transparency and accountability in our decisions and actions, which can determine our culture, image and reputation as well as prove that we have been deploying the “best practices” to our stakeholders to strive for a sustainable future.

Therefore, it would help build public trust and loyalty to our diverse clients worldwide, encourage our investors and expand our international reach by creating strategic partnerships so that we are able to enhance our offerings to make the world thrive. In that way, we aim to become the pioneer group in the world’s commodities trading and investment industry as well as a part of the world’s transition to a sustainable future for everyone.


Focused on the international commodities trade, this division of the Pompous Group uses investors’ capital to expand its trading activities across the world. Throughout the years, Pompous Trading has rapidly grown and broadened our international presence as well as our spectrum of commodities to offer the best quality products and export true values to all our customers.

POMPOUS Investment

Offering every investor with tailored investment programs and financial management services that allow them to have a comprehensive view of the market practices, potential opportunities and risks. Thus, the investors are financially protected and able to take proper educated financial decisions to preserve and grow their wealth.

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