There is no commerce without community. And there is no community without commerce.

As part of our social responsibility commitment, Pompous Group along with PSL’s facilities in Africa and Asia have a responsibility to support our people’s rights to improve their livelihoods, especially those are from the underdeveloped countries and unprivileged communities where we operate, whether they are the farmers, women or children living in the society.


Improving Farmers’ Living Standards

Our company builds a close relationship with the local farmers and encourages them to form cooperatives so that we can cut out the intermediaries and directly purchase the raw cashew nuts from the farmers at the highest price. Furthermore, we provide the farmers access to training programs, guidance, technology and digital tools so that they can improve the yields, quality and quantity of the cashew nuts. Hence, the farmers are able to produce and deliver better quality and a larger amount of cashew nuts as well as increase their living income. Also, as our company’s representatives have become loyal buyers of the farmers and provided stable jobs for them, the farmers will have sustainable livelihoods despite the negative impacts of climate change.



Women’s Empowerment

Pompous Group believes that equal rights for women and women’s empowerment need to be seriously taken into account, especially for those from the underprivileged community of the society. In fact, we have prioritised providing employment and tailored training programs to women, ensuring a safe and women-friendly work environment at our PSL’s facilities; hence, job security, financial independence and improved social identity have changed these women’s lives entirely. Since approximately 70% of our workforce are women, this number speaks for itself in proving our commitment to women’s empowerment.


Refusing Child Labour

Our company is committed to eliminating child labour since it is the barrier to education access, learning and enrollment in the communities where education is available for the children. As poverty forces children to delay school enrollment and enter the workforce early, Pompous Group has provided stable jobs for the children’s parents so that the children do not have to make earnings early and then helped the children access educational opportunities. Thus, it would help them receive better-paying jobs when they become adults, improve their economic position, uplift their households from poverty and build a sustainable future for the next generations.

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