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About Us

Group Overview

Established in 2010, Pompous Group is one of the leading international trading and investment groups with a presence across the world. Our ambition is to grow our global footprint and become the pioneer group in the commodities trading and investment industry.

With the presence of the operations and supply chain in West Africa (Nigeria, Ivory Coast), East Africa (Tanzania), Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam) and representative offices in many other continents, our purpose is to be fully implicated at every point of the supply chain to deliver the best quality products and bring true value not only to the trade but also to our farmers and the communities where we operate. It ends up creating lasting benefits for all of the stakeholders, building trust, encouraging our investors and helping the world thrive.

Pompous Trading

Focused on the international commodities trade, this division of the Pompous Group uses investors’ capital to broaden our international presence as well as our spectrum of commodities and expand its trading activities worldwide. 

Pompous Investment

Offering every investor with tailored investment programs and financial management services that allow them to have a comprehensive view of the current market practices, opportunities and risks and able to take proper educated financial decisions to preserve and grow their wealth.


Cultivating Trust - Exporting Value

At Pompous Group, we are committed to generating value and taking responsibilities to act across the cashew nut sector. By attracting foreign investment into the African continent, we have been on a path to connecting our stakeholders to nourish true values for nature and the communities where we operate. 

It means we operate in ways that add more value to the trade, create a fair trade environment, enable the farmers and their communities to achieve better living standards and deliver a sustainable supply of cashew nuts. In that way, we aim to make our responsibility efforts along with the business operation strategy to build a sustainable and responsible cashew value chain and become part of the world’s transition to a sustainable future.

Food Safety And Quality Assurance

We commit to ensuring best quality products delivered to our customers by:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our goal is to bring positive impacts to the human and the planet with:


Creating Wealth,
Delivering Pompous


News & Events

February 2022: Cashew nut exports decrease compared to January 2022

In February 2022, Vietnam’s cashew exports only reached 25.32 thousand tons, worth 150.7 million USD, down 37% in volume and 36.8% in value compared to January 2022. It is forecasted that in the short term, Vietnam’s cashew nut exports will remain low because there are too many disadvantages waiting…

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